About Us

At OpenCare Dental, we take pride in offering exceptional and affordable dental services for patients of all ages. Our philosophy is centered on treating each individual like family, rather than just a set of teeth. With our friendly and compassionate approach to care, we aim to bring a smile to your face.

OpenCare Dental - affordable family dentistry in Tuscon, AZ. Staff photo.

Our Values

Comfort & Convenience

At OpenCare Dental, we prioritize your convenience and comfort. Offering same-day dentistry and flexible appointment times, we ensure that your dental visits fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

Superior Dental Care

Our commitment to superior dental care means tailoring treatment plans to your unique needs, taking the necessary time to do things right.

Excellent Quality

Our dedication to excellence means taking the necessary time to ensure everything is done right.  We stive to make every patient walking through our door feel that the service they receive is worth every dollar or more.


We value complete honesty and transparency in treatment planning, insurance billing, and patient collections, and go the extra mile to cultivate an atmosphere of trust. We are straightforward about what you need, and when the option to wait and see is practical, we advise it.

Affordable Dentistry

Our goal is to provide affordable dentistry, adapting treatment plans to help you effectively manage dental expenses. We offer discounts whenever possible, ensuring you receive the care you need at a price that suits your budget.

No Surprises

Our dedication to openness ensures that there are no unexpected surprises during your dental journey.

If you’re looking for a true hidden gem and a patient-centered dental office, you’ve found it! I would gladly rate higher than five stars if I could! Prior to my visit yesterday, I suffered from severe dental anxiety – nearly to the point of panic. However, the staff here is SO NICE! Dr. Hall was kind, friendly, and non-judgmental… even though it has been way longer than I’d like to admit since having a cleaning. I’d also like to make a shout-out to Daniel (I believe he was my intake and x-ray tech) and Alisa (my hygienist)! Daniel played a huge part in calming my nerves and checked in with me several times throughout my appointment to make sure I was doing alright, and Alisa – let me tell you, I have NEVER had such a gentle hygienist! I gladly made my next appointment for March, and I’m so excited to say that I NO LONGER FEAR THE DENTIST! Everyone at this practice really knows what they’re doing! Super grateful to have been referred here by a friend!

Kristie Frankum

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