Office Policies

At OpenCare Dental we strive to provide dental care to all. In order to provide care in a timely manner, we highly value our scheduled appointment times.


Our staff will be more than happy to help make the appointment process easy and convenient for our patients. Appointments can be made by calling our office, sending an appointment request online, or by texting. Parents/ Legal Guardians of minors are the only ones that can schedule an appointment for an underage patient. Patients who are over the age of 18 need to schedule their own appointment. Parents/ Legal Guardians must be present at a minors’ appointment at all time.


We encourage our patients to confirm their appointments. We utilize an email, text, and phone call system to make the confirmation process easy. Failure to confirm an appointment a business day before will result in cancellation. PLEASE RESPOND TO OUR CONFIRMATION REQUEST. A fee will not be assessed if your appointment is cancelled due to an unconfirmed appointment.


We encourage our patients to give a One Business Day Notice prior to rescheduling or cancelling an appointment. If no notice is given, the patient will be assessed a $25 fee for each “Last Minute Cancellation.” Patients will be allowed to reschedule an appointment if we receive 24-hour notice. Patients who do not provide a 24-hour notice for more than TWO appointments will not be rescheduled and will be seen on a “Same day Appointment.” Patients will have to contact our office on the day that they are able to come in and if our office has the availability, we’ll schedule them that same day.

Late Arrival

We encourage our patients to arrive 10 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment time. Your appointment will be honored if you arrive no more than 10 minutes late. Late arrival WILL result in CANCELLATION. We cannot guarantee an assigned appointment time for late patients.

No Show

Patients with confirmed appointments who DO NOT COME IN for their assigned time are considered a “NO SHOW” patient. TWO “NO SHOWS” RESULT IN THE LOSS OF ANY FUTURE APPOINTMENTS. In addition, a $25 fee will be assessed to the patients account for each “NO SHOW”. (Emergency Services will still be provided on a first-come first served basis).

Account Balances

Balances on a patient’s account that have been incurred due to a Canceled or Missed appointment fee will need to be collected before any future appointments are scheduled.

If you have any questions regarding cancellations, no shows, or fee assessments, you may contact the office manager in writing. The office manager will respond within 10 business days.

I had a good experience going Opencare Dental. Their costumer service over the phone was what made me chose to schedule an appointment for services. Office was nice and welcoming. Alisa is a great person and made me feel welcomed and important. Dr Martin is Awesome! Thank You Alisa and Dr. Martin!!

Maria Perez